Toy Boogers

Toy Boogers is a NFT brand with several collections, a growing web3 community, and a developing pop culture universe with an animated series deal in development with TIME Studios.


The NFT Collections

Toy Boogers is a collection of 3,333 unique handmade NFTs created by Doug, our artist and founder. Toy Boogers is our genesis collection that started the Toy Boogers universe in November of 2021.

Kitbash Boogers is an epic collab collection between Toy Boogers, Cool Cats, Deadfellaz and Robotos. Using traits from all four collections, each NFT was handmade by Doug in collaboration with the artists of the other projects. There are 1,111 NFTs in this collection.

100%Hand Made

The Toy Boogers collection is incredibly unique
because it’s a large-scale 100% handmade project
that is not programmatically generated.Every
single cartoon component was hand drawn by
Doug (the Founder) and mixed and matched by
him as well, without the help of AI. Each and
every NFT combination is skillfully and artistically
put together by hand for maximum awesomeness!


The year was 2021 when a group
of NFT degens started developing
special teleportation technology
to physically transport
themselves into the metaverse.
The development was rushed in
excitement and somehow a booger
got smeared onto the machine’s
focusing crystal. Little did they
know, this would cause a critical
(but delightful) malfunction.
When they used the machine,
they got combined and
rearranged with all the crazy
avatars in their collections as
they teleported into the
metaverse. They became an epic
NFT collection themselves
called Toy Boogers.

Road Map

Toy Boogers Genesis Collection Drop

Toy Boogers genesis collection of 3,333 NFTs dropped and sold out on 11/20/21. Toy Boogers NFTs are now available for purchase on secondary NFT markets like Opensea, LooksRare, and Coinbase

Kitbash Boogers Collab Collection Drop

Kitbash Boogers is an epic collaboration collection of 1,111 NFTs mixing traits and characters together from Toy Boogers, Cool Cats, Deadfellaz and Robotos. Mint date is set for 4/30/22, is 100% allowlist based, and will be minted on this website.

Expansion of the Toy Boogers Universe and Community

The Toy Boogers universe is expanding with the Toy Stash collection which is minting now! All Toy Boogers and Kitbash Boogers holders have one free mint claim per NFT held! The rest of the collection is open for anybody who wants to collect awesome art and become part of the Toy Boogers community! Click here to go to the mint page!

Metaverse Development

We are in the process of developing our Toy Boogers Sandbox plot and game experience so you can go firsthand into the Toy Boogers universe! We created a video demo that shows a run through of our first plot, it can be watched on our youtube channel:

Animated Series and IRL Brand Development

Toy Boogers has signed a partnership with TIME Studios to develop an animated series based on the Toy Boogers universe. The animated series is part of a larger effort to grow the Toy Boogers brand with merchandise that spans from our native web3 culture and fanbase to mainstream IRL pop culture.

Join our comminity



Doug is the Founder, Artist, and Creative Director behind Toy Boogers. Over the past few years, his art project that started off as a collection of cartoons designed to be a merchandise brand suddenly evolved into an NFT collection after he discovered NFTs in April of 2021. Doug is an avid NFT collector himself and a supporter of many artists and NFT collections. Doug has also signed a partnership with TIME Studios to develop an animated series based on the Toy Boogers universe. He can be reached and followed on Twitter at



Lance AKA Ren One Lab hails from Louisiana but now lives in the LA area. He joined the Toy Boogers team as a strategist, advisor, community builder, and all around Discord dad. A lifelong artist and leader, his titles have included Creative Director, Art Director, and Gang Boss (actual Union title). He has worked on numerous shows and films including Borderlands 3, Mandolorian, Umbrella Academy, and Ghostbusters. He has also worked with music artists including YG, Deadmau5, and xxxtentacion. Ren One dove into NFTs in early 2021 as both an artist and collector and hasn’t looked back. He can be found at


Pagzi Tech Inc

Pagzi Tech Inc is an amazing dev team of engineers, led by CEO Ekim Unal, specializing in Blockchain and Web3 applications. The team is composed of frontend and backend developers and programmers for complete, comprehensive, and integrated solutions. Pagzi Tech Inc focuses on developing custom smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain. They are masters of Solidity, Web3 development, ERC20, and ERC721 tokenization. Ekim and his team have pioneered the development of custom solutions that significantly reduce gas for running contracts and minting NFTs. Toy Boogers has partnered with Pagzi Tech Inc long term for the expansion of the Toy Boogers universe. They can be reached at

Pagzi Tech Inc


Ashira joined the Toy Boogers team to help with the collection launch in a variety of ways including consulting, hosting Twitter Spaces, PR, and community building both on and off Discord. A multidisciplinary artist for decades, and community builder wherever she is, Ashira first came across NFTs through Clubhouse in Feb. 2021. She creates mixed media art NFTs and is well known for helping launch large NFT collections, which have included Robotos and Toy Boogers. She is an avid NFT collector and is helping to onboard every artist and developer friend she has to the possibilities of NFTs and Web3. Please find and follow Ashira at



Jim AKA Fresh Biscuits joined the Toy Boogers team as a strategy consultant and project advisor and was given the fun honorary title of Sous Chef as he is always cooking up some delicious treats for the developing Toy Boogers universe. He is one of the Lore Masters who comes up with a great deal of the Toy Boogers backstory and lore details. He is highly active in the Discord and assists as community developer, coming up with new and exciting ways to build, engage, and strengthen the community. He can generally be found in the Toy Boogers Discord and on Twitter at:



Ben AKA DaDon is the Community Manager for Toy Boogers, which is fitting because Ben’s first NFT was a Toy Boogers NFT, and his first NFT related discord server was Toy Boogers as well. Ben has been an awesome and very engaged community member since the very early stages of the Toy Boogers discord server. He quickly worked his way up from an active member to a Jr. Mod, to Sr. Mod, to a full-fledged member of Team Toy Boogers as Community Manager. Ben has a degree in advertising and a background in advertising and sales. Catch Ben collecting NFTs or enjoying some motorsports. Follow Ben on twitter at